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Alberta Provincial Woman’s Christian Temperance Union fonds

Series 1 Constitution, manuals and history. – 1947-1978. – 1 cm of textual records
M-1708-1 Constitution. – [ca. 1920s]-1978. – Consists of various versions of the constitution of the Alberta Provincial WCTU (1947, 1968, 1978). Includes a manual and “Ready Reference” booklet of the parent organization, the Canadian WCTU; a “Topical Program” printed by the Alberta WCTU for the use of local unions; and a manual of the Band of Hope and Loyal Temperance Legion of the WCTU.
M-1708-2 The Story of the Years: Alberta WCTU, 1913-1963. – [ca. 1964]

Series 2 Minutes. – 1913-1976. – 14.5 cm of textual records

Minute book. – 1913-1924. – The minute book has been scanned.

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Minute book. – 1925-1934. – The minute book has been scanned.

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M-1708-5 Minute book. – 1934-1938
Note The minutes from 1939-1942 are absent.
M-1708-6 Minute book. – 1943-1949
M-1708-7 Minute book. – 1949-1963
M-1708-8 Minutes (loose). – 1963-1970
M-1708-9 Minutes (loose). – 1971-1976

Series 3 Annual reports. – 1961-1981. – 10 cm of textual records
M-1708-10 Annual reports. – 1961-1965
M-1708-11 Annual reports. – 1965-1969
M-1708-12 Annual reports. – 1969-1974
M-1708-13 Annual reports. – 1974-1978
M-1708-14 Annual reports. – 1978-1981

Series 4 Directories. – 1904-1905, 1914-1915, 1964-1981. – 6 cm of textual records. – The series consists of booklets recording officers, superintendent, and presidents of local unions.
M-1708-15 Territorial WCTU directory book. – 1904-1905. – The volume includes names of conference delegates as well as officers, superintendents and local presidents.
M-1708-16 Directories. – 1914-1915
M-1708-17 Directory. – 1964-1965. – Includes resolutions and plan of work as well as officers, superintendents and local presidents.
M-1708-18 Directories. – 1966-1969
M-1708-19 Directories. – 1969-1972
M-1708-20 Directories. – 1972-1976
M-1708-21 Directories. – 1978-1981

Series 5 Conventions. – 1904-1981. – 36 cm of textual records. – Alberta and Saskatchewan became provinces in 1905, but what had formerly been the North-West Territories WCTU continued to meet as a single organization until 1912. At that time it separated into the Alberta Provincial WCTU and the Saskatchewan WCTU. – The series consists of official published proceedings and programs of annual conventions, lists of delegates, and records from various other Canadian, American and World WCTU conventions attended by Alberta women.
  North-West Territories Women’s Christisan Temperance Union
M-1708-22 Report of the First Convention of the North-West Territories WCTU. – 1904. – Includes the published version, a handwritten version, and a picture of the venue, First Baptist Church in Calgary.
  Alberta and Saskatchewan Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
M-1708-23 Convention reports (published). – 1906-1909. – For conventions held in Moose Jaw, Edmonton, Regina and Medicine Hat.
M-1708-24 Convention reports (published). – 1910-1912. – For conventions held in Edmonton, Calgary and Moose Jaw.
  Alberta Provincial Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
M-1708-25 First annual convention of the Alberta Provincial WCTU. – 1913. – Consists of handwritten minutes and published report of convention held in Olds.
M-1708-26 Second annual convention. – 1914. – Consists of a brief printed report, and a copy of the 1913 published report marked up as the 1914 report.
M-1708-27 Convention proceedings. – 1915-1918
M-1708-28 Convention proceedings. – 1919-1922
M-1708-29 Convention proceedings. – 1923-1926
M-1708-30 Convention proceedings. – 1927-1929
M-1708-31 Convention proceedings. – 1930-1932
M-1708-32 Convention proceedings. – 1934-1937
M-1708-33 Convention proceedings. – 1938-1939, 1941-1942, 1944
M-1708-34 Convention proceedings. – 1945, 1947-1949
M-1708-35 Convention proceedings. – 1954-1959
M-1708-36 Convention proceedings. – 1960-1963
M-1708-37 Convention programs. – 1916, 1920, 1924, 1926-1929, 1932, 1938, 1944, 1945
M-1708-38 Convention programs. – 1950-1959
M-1708-39 Convention programs. – 1960-1961, 1963-1968
M-1708-40 Convention programs. – 1970-1971, 1973-1974, 1981
M-1708-41 Register of delegates attending Alberta Provincial WCTU conventions. – 1918-1955
M-1708-42 Conventions notebook. – 1919-1924. – Consists of handwritten notes (some similar to minutes) kept by a woman who was probably on the WCTU exective. Includes descriptions of the 13th annual social services convention (1919); conditions in British Columbia under government liquor control; 11th annual Alberta Provincial WCTU convention (1923); donations for a Christmas bazaar (1920); the Alberta Provincial WCTU convention in Edmonton (1924); and a 15 page paper,”Nationalyzing [sic] the Canadian Foreigner”, signed by Mrs. Jas. B. Stewart.
  Other WCTU conventions attended by Alberta women
M-1708-43 Canadian Woman’s Christian Temperance Union biennial convention programs. – 1941, 1946, 1954, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1970. Note: The official published proceedings of these conventions are held by the Glenbow Library.
M-1708-44 Canadian WCTU convention, Halifax, Nova Scotia. – 1958. – Consists of newspaper clippings.
M-1708-45 Canadian WCTU convention, Banff, Alberta. – 1962. – Consists of newspaper clippings and an issue of Temperance Trumpet about the convention.
M-1708-46 Saskatchewan WCTU published convention proceedings and programs. – 1933, 1947, 1948, 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965
M-1708-47 Saskatchewan WCTU convention minutes and reports (typed). – 1945-1960
M-1708-48 Ontario WCTU convention, Guelph, Ontario. – 1936. – Attended by Mrs. McElroy.
M-1708-49 American WCTU conventions. – 1923, 1938. – Consists of proceedings for a convention attended by Mrs. McElroy in Columbus, Ohio (1923); and a convention attended by Mrs. Grevett in San Francisco, California (1938).
M-1708-50 World WCTU convention, Edinburgh, Scotland. – 1925. – Attended by Mrs. McElroy.
M-1708-51 World WCTU convention, Toronto, Ontario. – 1931. – Consists of a program, “Highlights”, Mrs. Salt’s delegate’s ribbon, and greeting cards from other women who attended.
M-1708-52 World WCTU convention, Ashbury Park, New Jersey. – 1947. – Consists of a handwritten report about the convention, possible written by Mrs. F.G. Grevett who attended.
M-1708-53 World WCTU convention, Vancouver, British Columbia. – 1953. – Consists of the official published proceedings, newsletter, and programs of the various Alberta women who attended, including Grace Knight, E.P. Wellwood, and Mrs. N.E. McClelland.
M-1708-54 World WCTU convention, Vancouver, British Columbia. – 1953. – Consists of newspaper clippings.

Series 6 Financial records. – 1932-1958. – 4 cm of textual records. – The series consists of cashbooks, recording provincial dues, salaries, money budgetted for conventions, medals for contests, postage, stationery, printing of pledge cards and other expenses.
M-1708-55 Cashbook. – 1932-1938
M-1708-56 Cashbook. – 1938-1953
M-1708-57 Cashbook: Expenses of corresponding secretary. – 1955-1958. – Primarily for postage and envelopes. Includes lists of letters sent.

Series 7 Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. – 1920s-1970s. – 10 cm of textual records. – The series consists of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and loose newspaper articles about the Alberta Provincial WCTU’s activities, temperance personalities, and conventions attended by members.
M-1708-58 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. – 1931-1932. – Consists of articles about the death of Louise McKinney, the 1931 World WCTU convention held in Toronto, Dr. Thomas N. Carver’s column “Prohibition Facts”, local temperance personalities, and the 1932 American WCTU Conference in Seattle. Includes a handwritten paper by Mrs. Thorlakson (May 11, 1932) entitled “Echoes from the Disarmament Conference”.
M-1708-59 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. – 1933. – Consists of articles about the WCTU’s essay and poster contests for school children (including lists of winners), and temperance-themed plays performed for adult audiences. The articles are glued into a gardening catalogue.
M-1708-60 Mrs. F.G. Grevett’s scrapbook. – 1937-1939. – Consists of newspaper articles about marijuana, the 1938 American WCTU convention in San Francisco, Alberta temperance personalities, and British Columbia liquor laws.
M-1708-61 Mrs. F.G. Grevett’s scrapbook. – 1947. – Consists of newspaper articles about the World WCTU in Ashbury Park, New Jersey and Alberta temperance activities including the re-election of Mrs. Grevett as President of the Alberta Provincial WCTU.
M-1708-62 Newspaper clippings (loose) about temperance matters. – 1920s-1940s
M-1708-63 Newspaper clippings (loose) about temperance matters. – 1950s
M-1708-64 Newspaper clippings (loose) about temperance matters. – [ca. 1950s-1960s]
M-1708-65 Newspaper clippings (loose) about temperance matters. – 1960s
M-1708-66 Newspaper clippings (loose) about temperance matters. – 1970s

Series 8 Districts. – 1893-1896, 1913-1973. – 25 cm of textual records. – The Alberta Provincial WCTU had several districts, each one of which conducted its own meetings, conventions and activities. – The series consists of minutes, convention programs, resolutions and reports of the Calgary, Edmonton and Cental Districts.
  Calgary District
M-1708-67 Minute book. – 1931-1953
M-1708-68 Annual conventions record book. – 1928-1953. – Consists of record of attendance at the annual conventions, including lists of district officers, local presidents, delegates and visitors.
M-1708-69 Annual conventions record book. – 1954-1972. – Consists of reports of local unions within the Calgary District and numbers of members. Includes lists of locals, officers and visitors.
M-1708-70 Calgary District convention programs. – 1917, 1926-1928, 1931, 1941, 1948
M-1708-71 Calgary District convention, High River. – 1922. – Consists of a report about the convention by Mrs. A. Mossman.
M-1708-71a Calgary District convention. – 1930. – Consists of the address by President Mrs. A. White.
M-1708-72 Calgary District convention resolutions. – 1951. – Consists of resolutions submitted by Mrs. Ivan C. Robertson of Olds.
M-1708-72a Initiation service for reception of new members. – n.d.
  Edmonton District
M-1708-73 Minute book. – 1893-1896
M-1708-74 Minute book. – 1930-1943
M-1708-75 Minute book. – 1944-1954
M-1708-76 Minute book. – 1958-1973
M-1708-77 Edmonton District convention programs. – 1945, 1953-1955, 1958-1960, 1962-1971
M-1708-78 Edmonton District annual convention. – 1956. – Consists of report and resolutions.
M-1708-79 Correspondence with the government. – 1951-1971. – Consists of correspondence between Grace Knight (Resolutions Chair of Edmonton District) and the provincial and federal governments regarding resolutions passed at WCTU conventions. Some of the correspondence may have taken place while Knight was on the Alberta Provincial WCTU executive.
M-1708-80 Treasurer’s report. – 1973
M-1708-81 Edmonton District Golden Memories. – 1961. – Consists of brief biographies of members being honored during the Golden Jubilee.
  Central District
M-1708-82 Minute book. – 1943-1957
M-1708-83 Central District convention programs. – 1945-1947
M-1708-84 Central District reports to provincial conventions. – 1956-1959. – Consists of reports written by District President Ivy Fretwell. Includes the District’s 1959 resolutions, and a newspaper clipping about Mrs. Fretwell be re-elected President.
M-1708-85 Cashbook. – 1913-1951
M-1708-86 Brief to the Royal Commission on Education. – 1958

Series 9 Local unions. – 1904-1974. – 88 cm of textual records. – The series consists of minutes, cashbooks, brief histories and other records of local WCTU groups. The records have been artificially arranged by the name of the town.
M-1708-87 Calgary – East End Union minute book. – 1935-1943
M-1708-88 Calgary – North Hill Union minute book. – 1966-1968
M-1708-89 Calgary – North Hill Union membership lists and cashbook. – 1957-1968
M-1708-90 Calgary – North-West Branch (Hillhurst) minute book. – 1912-1927
M-1708-91 Camrose Union song. – [ca. 1974]
M-1708-92 Clive Union historical sketch, 1913-1959. – [written ca. 1959]
M-1708-93 Didsbury Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1940-1949
M-1708-94 Didsbury Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1949-1953
M-1708-95 Didsbury Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1954-1957
M-1708-96 Didsbury Union historical sketch, 1904-1959. – [written ca. 1959]
M-1708-97 Edmonton – Central Union minute book. – 1940-1949
M-1708-98 Edmonton – Central Union minute book. – 1952-1956
M-1708-99 Emdonton – Central Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1956-1959
M-1708-100 Edmonton – Central Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1959-1963
M-1708-101 Edmonton – Central Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1969-1975
M-1708-102 Edmonton – Central Union brief to the Ghitter Commission on Liquor Legislation. – 1972
M-1708-103 Edmonton – Strathcona Union minute book. – 1909-1912

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M-1708-104 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1931-1938
M-1708-105 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1939-1943
M-1708-106 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1943-1946
M-1708-107 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1946-1951
M-1708-108 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1951-1953
M-1708-109 Edmonton – Victoria Union recording secretrary’s notebook. – 1954-1955. – Consists of handwritten annual reports, rough minutes of meetings, notes on the School of Methods and medal contests.
M-1708-110 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1954-1956
M-1708-111 Edmonton – Victoria Union minute book. – 1962-1970
M-1708-112 Edmonton – Victoria Union cashbook. – 1928-1944
M-1708-113 Edmonton – Victoria Union – Lydia Carmichael’s memories of early days and joining the Victoria Union.
M-1708-114 Edmonton – Victoria Union – “Brief to the Alberta Liquor Enquiry Committee”. – [ca. 1956]. – Includes a copy of the 1957 report of the Special Committee on the Liquor Control Act.
M-1708-115 Edmonton – Victoria Union report to the Local Council of Women. – 1966
M-1708-116 Edmonton – Victoria Union – National Temperance Study Course. – 1967-1970. – Consists of lists of participants (the course was aimed at young people) and temperance study booklets.
M-1708-117 Edmonton – Victoria Union scrapbook. – 1947. – Consists of newspaper clippings regarding temperance personalities and events. Possibly compiled by Grace Knight.
M-1708-118 Edmonton – Victoria Union scrapbook. – 1962-1965. – Consists of newspaper clippings regarding temperance personalities and events. At the end of the scrapbook are funeral programs for Union members
M-1708-119 Edmonton – Victoria Union scrapbook. – 1965-1966. – Consists of newspaper clippings regarding temperance personalities and events. Includes a few printed pamphlets.
M-1708-120 Hanna Union minute book. – 1920-1922
M-1708-121 Lacombe Union historical sketch, 1947-1959. – [written ca. 1959]
M-1708-122 Leslieville Union historical sketch, 1915-1959. – [written ca. 1959]
M-1708-123 Medicine Hat Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1904-1909
M-1708-124 Nanton Union minute book and membership rollls. – 1917-1928. – Louise McKinney’s local.
M-1708-125 Nanton Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1941-1947
M-1708-126 Nanton Union cashbook. – 1923-1956
M-1708-127 Ponoka Union historical sketch, 1945-1959. – [written ca. 1959]
M-1708-128 Red Deer history booklets by Annie L. Gaetz. – [written ca. 1950 and 1960]. – Consists of a booklet covering 1895 to 1949 and another covering 1995 to 1959.
M-1708-129 Three Hills Union minute book and membership rolls. – 1924-1927
M-1708-130 Three Hills Union historical sketch, 1924-1959. – [written ca. 1959]
M-1708-131 Wetaskiwin Union minute book. – 1952-1953

Series 10 Temperance activities. – 1894-1972. – 25 cm of textual records. – The series consists of records related to the work of the WCTU, including executive correspondence; Little White Ribboners rolls; members’ pledge cards; material for essay, poster, and recitation contests for school children; prohibition songbooks; papers regarding the International Peace Garden; Associated Temperance Forces of Alberta records; prison welfare reports; and records of the ASM School of Narcotic Education and other temperance education programs.
M-1708-132 North-West Territories WCTU work register. – 1894-1895. – Consists of chronologically-arranged “Records of theWCTU work in the Territories”.
M-1708-133 Papers of Mrs. Bellamy, President of the North-West Territories WCTU. – 1896-1903
M-1708-134 Composite photo (on a broadside) of the Dominion WCTU executive. – 1895. – The legend at the bottom lists the women’s names and addresses.
M-1708-135 The World Book of Temperance by Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts. – 1909
M-1708-136 Small poster for the 2nd public annual meeting in Calgary. – March 6, 1914. – To be chaired by Maude Riley.
M-1708-137 General correspondence. – 1917-1947. – By executive members Millicent McElroy, Mrs. Salt, and Grace Knight.
M-1708-138 Little White Ribboners reports. – 1929-1934. – Written by Mrs. Millicent McElroy, the Superintendent of Dominion Little White Ribboners.
M-1708-139 Little White Ribboners rolls and registration forms. – 1917-1931
M-1708-140 Little White Ribboners completed pledges, “The Mother’s Promise”. – 1929, 1931-1932
M-1708-141 Little White Ribooners leaflets, birthday greeting cards, and blank certificates. – [ca. 1929-1934]
M-1708-142 Pledge cards. – [ca. 1920-1931]. – Consists of pledge cards used by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union to promote temperance and prohibition in Alberta. Includes a pledge card printed in remembrance of Louise McKinney, and a leaflet about McKinney’s temperance work. A selection of these have been scanned. View now.
M-1708-143 Alberta WCTU petition on women’s dower rights. – [ca. 1920s]
M-1708-144 Lantern Lecture No. 4: “The Sportsmen’s View – Alcohol, the Enemy of Physical Fitness”. – [ca. 1920s]
M-1708-145 Clip Sheet newsletter, published by Alberta WCTU. – September-October 1930
M-1708-146 Behind The Green Curtains: Please Mother don’t go in there. – 1933. – Published by S. Wascan & Company, and printed by Alberta Printing Company, Edmonton. The front cover features a small girl begging her mother not to enter a bar.
M-1708-147 School essay contests. – 1935 and n.d. – Consists of rules, prize lists, a speech about the value of such contests, and a circular about the expenses to run the program.
M-1708-148 The Canadian WCTU Medal Contest Book. – [ca. 1920s-1940s]. – Consists of various versions of a publication featuring poems and recitations.
M-1708-149 The Medal Contest Reciter, volumes 10 and 13. – [ca. 1920s]. – Consists of American National WCTU recitation books.
M-1708-150 The Francis E. Willard Contest Reciter. – [ca. 1920s]. – Consists of recitations from the writings of the American founder of the WCTU.
M-1708-151 Band of Hope dialogues – “The Hopeful Series”. – [ca. 1920s]
M-1708-152 Miscellaneous recitations, plays, speech contests. – [ca. 1949-1957]
M-1708-153 Recitations – Handwritten temperance poems. – n.d.
M-1708-154 Play: “What Mrs. Did and Mrs. Didn’t Do Did”. – n.d.
M-1708-155 Temperance and prohibition songbooks. – 1909-[ca. 1950s]. – Consists of The White Ribbon Hymnal, Happy Songs for Young Canadians, Ontario Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Prohibition Songs (1909); unnamed hymn book compiled for use at the 18th World WCTU convention in 1950, YTC Sings, Revival Hymns (presented free by The Christian Herald, 1932), A Second Entertainment Book (by the National British Women’s Total Abstinence Union), The Voice of Song (1944), and miscellaneous typed and handwritten songs.
M-1708-156 Rex vs Alywin. – 1931. – Consists of cross examination transcript in a Supreme Court of Alberta case regarding the Moderation League.
M-1708-157 Golden Jubilee booklet of the Manitoba WCTU. – 1936
M-1708-158 International Peace Garden correspondence. – 1942-1945, 1952-1955
M-1708-159 Danger: Nationalization of the Beverage Liquor Trade, an address by Ben H. Spence, given at Wetaskiwin. – October 4, 1944. – Published by the Alberta WCTU.
M-1708-160 Associated Temperance Forces of Alberta. – 1946-1968. – Consists of circulars, temperance literature, and some issues of The Alberta Temperance Review and The Temperance Trumpet.
M-1708-161 WCTU and the estate of Margaret A. Carson. – 1947
M-1708-162 Notes and reports regarding prison welfare by WCTU Districts and local unions. – 1954-1973
M-1708-163 Alberta WCTU Moral Education newsletter. – April 25, 1959. – Written by Ivy Fretwell of Clive, Alberta.
M-1708-164 Itinerary fro the visit of Canadian WCTU President Mrs. W.S. Watson to Alberta. – April 3-24, [ca. 1961]
M-1708-165 “History of Saskatchewan Provincial Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Golden Jubilee, 1912-1962. – [written ca. 1962]
M-1708-166 Mrs. Villett’s WCTU correspondence. – 1964-1968
M-1708-167 “Alcohol and personality”, handwritten paper. – [ca. 1960s-1970s]
M-1708-168 National Temperance Study Course materials. – 1937, 1946-1965. – Produced by the Canadian Council of Churches.
M-1708-169 ASM School of Narcotic Education. – 1947-1950, 1959-1960. – Consists of constitution, bylaws and minutes. ASM stood for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The name was changed to Western Canada School of Alcohol and Narcotic Education in 1963.
M-1708-170 ASM School of Narcotic Education / Western Canada School of Alcohol and Narcotic Education – Brochures and application forms. – 1949-1952, 1957-1967, 1969, 1971
M-1708-171 ASM School of Alcoholic and Narcotic Education / Western Canada School of Alcohol and Narcotic Education – Reports of annual sessions. – 1955, 1958-1964
M-1708-172 ASM School of Narcotic Education miscellany. – 1951-[ca. 1960]. – Consists of Grace Knight’s certificate of course completion (1951); a brief history of the school (ca. 1955); and an ASM brief on education in schools (ca. 1960).
M-1708-173 School of Methods papers. – 1951-1964
M-1708-174 “Alert to the Space Age” – handwritten temperance study lessons. – [ca. 1960s-1970s]
M-1708-175 Miscellany. – 1909-1972. – Consists of miscellaneous records, including unattributed reports, circulars, recipes for non-alcoholic beverages, and some records from Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia WCTU groups.

Series 11 Propaganda – Temperance leaflets and posters. – 1909-1963. – 12. 5 cm of textual records. – The series consists of temperance, prohibition, Christian, and anti-smoking leaflets which were handed out by the WCTU to promote their causes.
  Albertan and Canadian temperance literature
M-1708-176 Address by Nellie McClung at the Women’s Institute convention. – May 31, 1923. – Published by the Alberta Prohibition Campaign Committe, during the 1923 liquor plebiscite campaign.
M-1708-177 Louise McKinney commemorative brochure. – [1931 or 1932]. – Published by the Dominion WCTU Literature Depository.
M-1708-178 Alberta liquor plebiscite. – 1957. – Consists of campaign literature on the pro-temperance side.
M-1708-179 Anti-liquor leaflets – Canadian. – [ca. 1918-1927]. – Consists of anti-liquor leaflets used by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union to promote temperance and prohibition in Alberta. Includes leaflets published by the Alberta Prohibition Association (pages 1-21); by the Dominion WCTU (pages 22-48); and by various other provinces (pages 49-76). Some of the leaflets pertain to the 1923 Alberta Liquor Referendum. View now.
M-1708-180 Dominion WCTU Literature Depository leaflets. – [ca. 1920s-1940s]
M-1708-181 Canadian temperance literature. – 1922-1957 and n.d. – Consists of leaflets from Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Canadian Temperance Federation, Canadian Prohibition Bureau, United Church, and other organizations.
M-1708-oversize Posters published by Esdale Press, Edmonton. – [ca. 1920s]. – The first is entitled “Wanted! by Liquor Traffic, Ten Thousand Drunkards Dead! Abolish the Bar”, and the second is entitled “Beer as Food, Water is the strongest drink; lions and horses use it, and Samson never drank anything else.”
M-1708-oversize Ontario WCTU Clip Sheet. – 1945-1949. – Consists of seven broadsides printed for educational purposes.
  American temperance literature
M-1708-182 National WCTU Publishing House, Evanston, Illinois, USA. – [ca. 1920s-1940s]. – Consists of American leaflets, published in the hometown of WCTU founder Francis E. Willard. Includes a 1924 catalougue of their publications, and several booklets in the “Life Sketches” series about Anna Adams Gordon, Lillian M.N. Stevens, Lady Henry Somerset, Sara Rowell Wright, and Edith Smith Davis.
M-1708-183 National WCTU Publishing House, Evanston, Illinois, USA. – 1947-1963. – Consists of larger format leaflets.
M-1708-oversize Poster published by the National WCTU Publishing House in Evanston, Illinois, USA. – [ca. 1920s]. – Entitled “Liquor Traffict Must Go, it causes Poverty, Misery and Crime.
M-1708-184 Asher Publishing, Minnesota, USA. – [ca. 1920s]. – Consists of the “Royal Dainties” series of Christian leaflets, #110-350 (incomplete).
M-1708-185 Other American temperance literature. – 1909-1962 and n.d. – Includes series of leaflets by Miss Ruby Gilbert, Mrs. H.L. Bullock, and Stella B. Irvine.
M-1708-oversize Poster published by Youth Temperance Education of Evanston, Illinois, USA. – [ca. 1960s]. – Entitled “Steer Away from Alcohol, Dope, Tobacco”.
  British temperance literature
M-1708-186 British temperance leaflets and booklets. – 1923-1928 and n.d.
M-1708-oversize Poster. – [ca. 1920s]. – Featuring quote from Bernard Shaw: “It is to the Motorist or the Aeroplane Pilot that a single glass of any Intoxicant may make the difference between Life & Death”.
  Anti-smoking literature
M-1708-187 Anti-smoking leaflets and booklets. – [ca. 1920s]-1950
M-1708-oversize Poster. – 1912. – Entitled “Smokers and Sport” and featuring graphs comparing smokers and non-smokers on football teams.

Series 12

Photographs. – 1905-1981. – 62 photographs. – The series consists of views of WCTU executive members and conventions, TOC Alpha rallies, ASM School of Narcotic Education, and Little White Ribboners’ picnics.

Some of the photographs and some of the temperance literature listed above has been scanned. View now.

PA-912-(1-45) WCTU photographs. – 1905-1976. – 45 photographs. – Consists of views of the 1905 Territorial convention in Red Deer (1905); WCTU convention in Tofield (1916); participants at the ASM School of Narcotic Education (1950s); Little White Ribboners picnics, many at Fretwell’s farms in Clive (1952-1961); TOC Alpha rally in Camrose (1961); National convention in Banff (1962); the 1976 Provincial executive; and prominent WCTU members including Grace Knight, Ivy Fretwell, Mrs. G.H. Villett, Mrs. A. Eby, and Alma Nelson.
PA-1184-(1-3) WCTU photographs. – 1948, 1955. – 3 photographs. – Consists of a views of the Board of Governors, staff, and a class at the ASM School of Narcotic Education (1948); and view of a float decorated by Ray Salt for Alberta’s Jubilee celebration (1955).
PA-2591-(1-13) WCTU photographs. – 1948-1981. – 13 photographs. – Consists of views Alberta Provincial WCTU executive members, mostly in social situations (1948, 1978, 1981); and of a TOC Alpha convention in Camrose (1965)
NA-1399-1 WCTU group, Regina, Saskatchewan. – 1908. – 1 photograph. – Includes Louise C. McKinney.
NA-2473-1 WCTU convention group, Tofield, Alberta. – 1916. – 1 photograph. – Copy of PA-912-3 listed above.