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A Glenbow Halloween

Children carving a Halloween pumpkin, Calgary, Alberta, 1947. Photo by Lorne Burkell. Glenbow Library and Archives, UCalgary: PA-3637-7.

It’s a Glenbow Halloween at the Glenbow Western Research Centre. Since we can’t hand out candy, we instead decided to share some of the Glenbow Library and Archives photographs of the spookiest time of the year.

Halloween has its roots with the Celts of the British Isles and Western Europe. First known as Samhain, it was a time to celebrate the end of summer and the start of winter. It was also the one time each year when the dead were said to walk the earth.

With influences from the Romans and Christianity, Halloween evolved into the celebration we know it today. And while this may well be the scariest in many years, perhaps for once, horror movies might not seem so frightening after all. In the meantime, look to these photos for inspiration or memories of Halloween past in Alberta.

The Tricks

The Treats



The Costumes


The Parties


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